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SDB Upay Usell - Making QR payments appealing

The pandemic had disrupted and (in some cases) destroyed many small businesses in Sri Lanka primarily since these businesses relied on the physical exchange of cash as payment. SDB (Sanasa Development Bank) a bank specifically focused on the small and medium scale businesses, had a QR based payment solution developed especially for this segment. But our challenge lay in getting people to adopt this new payment platform in a market which was still adopting cashless systems.

The Wolf’s Eye

Platform and search data told us that people were increasingly searching for cashless payment formats but the abandonment was generally due to the sense of an new technology that was seen as a tech savvy users tool. Behavioural data illustrated to us that people in the target segment were skeptical of cashless payments since there were so many processes to register and it was the height of inconvenience.

We created an integrated digital communication using social media, video marketing platforms, influencer outreach and celebrity endorsements with the executions based on a powerful local insight of “no one wants to get road blocks or have hinderances in their daily lives”


Within a segment that is notoriously difficult to engage, we generated 9.8 million impressions with 55,500 clicks to download the app.