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Olinda Teas - Wellness to change your life

A brand that works on the principle of providing the best wellness teas based on using original and premium ingredients sourced from all over the world, Olinda wanted to communicate the soothing, balancing, and uplifting effects of its wellness teas.

The Wolf’s Eye

Application of the Wolf’s Eye told us that our audiences were indifferent to the tea category and specifically communication from wellness-based products. They were conditioned by the high volumes of communication which were screaming a hard sell message and it just wasn’t relevant to them anymore. We used data and keywords to identify triggers and needs of the consumers in relation to the category and the specific formats that generated the most amount of engagement.

Supported by the data, we created an unorthodox communication in the tea category which used bite sized formats to illustrate the benefit in the the most comprehendible yet creative manner.


The most successful communication done by the brand so far, the first film generated more than 9.6 million impressions in its first month with more than 1 million traffic.