Hayleys Agriculture chooses ALT X to develop sustainability based brand strategy and visual identity tool kit for CocoLife by Hayleys Agriculture. | AXIA UK awards their platform development to ALT X W-Ex unit. | ALT X W-Ex unit designs and develops interactive VR platform for Traffi UK’s sustainability marketing. | ALT X develops strategic business design for Conservation and Climate Consortium. | Rainco’s Dengue awareness campaign wins Silver for CSR internationally. | Traffi UK awards the launch of the world’s most sustainable glove to ALT X. | Neptune Recyclers assigns ALT X to develop marketing strategy. | ALT X launches “W-Ex” the end-to-end tech development process based on design thinking. | ALT X wins the first ever strategy for GOLD at ACEF 2022 Awards.


We decode data driven insights to create transformational change. In the age of convergence, we believe solutions come from constant research and understanding which create the need to delve deep into change. After all, it is in the Wolf’s nature to venture into new territories.

Using Design Thinking, we empathize and develop a deeper understanding of your audience, challenge the norm and assumptions, reframe and redefine problems to identify strategies and solutions for businesses that create viable results.

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Addressing key business challenges with a series of verticals with
Design Thinking at the root of it all

Conventional Digital Marketing Solutions

Using proven methodologies and thinking for the age of data and technology, we create real and measurable change in your business

  • Market Analysis
  • Discovery & Feasibility Studies
  • Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Insight and Journeys
  • Digital Marketing Audits
  • Brand Mapping
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Agility and Process Audits
  • Audience & Behavioural Analytics
  • Go-to-Market Strategies

Our media strategies combine behavioural science, creativity and technology to provide end to end solutions

  • Digital media strategy
  • Digital marketing audits
  • Programmatic & Custom DSP
  • Consulting for digital media strategy
  • Ecommerce Strategy & implementation
  • Platform-driven conversion programmes
  • Influencer Outreach and management
  • Development of custom Adtech
  • Media Tech (development & Management)
  • Regional Ecommerce Implementation
  • Media data analysis to operating models

Amalgamating outstanding creative talent with data, technology, and behavioural science

  • Creative Strategy
  • Channel Specific Social Innovations
  • Short form content development
  • Long form content production
  • Animation studio
  • 3D modelling
  • VR and AR development
  • Smart creative implementation
  • UGC Generated Content production
  • Large scale film production
  • Consulting for ideation
  • Consulting for production

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Data drives us in everything we do.
We transform data into value and intelligence to create business impact.

  • Listening & Intelligence
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data Strategy
  • Data for Content Strategy & Optimization
  • Advanced Behavioural Analytics
  • Data for Connected Commerce
  • Data driven Adtech and Martech
  • Management of CRM

Human Centered Innovation using the principles of Design Thinking to solve business problems and create social change.

We unlock the power of technology to drive value across your business

  • Immersive Technology
  • Cognitive tech and science
  • Web and mobile applications
  • AI based solutions
  • Data driven Martech
  • Custom Commerce Solutions
  • Ergonomic solutions
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Medium scale robotics

The intersection of traditional (ATL & BTL) mediums, data science, behavioural science and technology to create unified, omni channel experiences

Business Solutions For The Age Of Convergence

The end-to-end interactive design thinking-based process that builds bridges between consumers and brands using behavioural science, AI, data and strategy to create truly effective and efficient digital properties

Sustainability Solutions That Work

Together with the industry experts for sustainability, the Carbon Consulting Company and The Sustainable Future Group, we create a diverse range of solutions that range from data visualizations, communications solutions, conceptualization and development of basic tools to AI and Data powered engines and interfaces. After all, the wolf loves the earth…


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